Physical Therapy

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Monday - Saturday

  • Three-dimensional scoliosis therapy according to Katharina Schroth
  • DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization, Part A
  • Instructional Course on the RSC Brace with Prof. Rigo
  • Trigger point therapy part I + II
  • Visceral Chains Part I and II (osteopathic technique for organ treatment)
  • SEAS I: Scientific Exercise Approach to Scoliosis and Scoliosis Manager / Prof. Negrini, Milan (Italy)
  • Form-function facilitation according to C. Lewit
  • Movement and stability / physiotherapy of functions according to C. Lewit
  • Local stability of joints I + II (C. Hamilton)
  • Mulligan (A / B / C)
  • K-Taping
  • Muscle balance incl. CNS effect
  • ESP shoulder rehabilitation
  • ESP knee rehabilitation
  • Spiral dynamics – Scoliosis: From analysis to training therapy
  • Therapy of the Feet in Pediatrics
  • Pediatrics: Motor Developement in the first year of life, pathologies and therapeutiv intervention
  • Regular internships at the Katharina Schroth Clinic, Bad Sobernheim (Germany)
  • Mobilization and relaxation techniques for the extremities according to Prof. Lewit, Tutorial
  • Mobilization and relaxation techniques for spine-induced pain according to Prof Lewit, Tutorial
  • Regular organization and participation in quality circles and internal further education in the Scoliosis Therapy Center Vienna


Curriculum Vitae


Invitation by the Stolzalpe Rehabilitaion Center to give a “Scoliosis Workshop”

since 2021

Developement and Teaching of our Therapy Concept “4D-Scoliosis Therapy” in cooperation with the Training Academy for Physiotherapists in Linz, A


Lecturer at the ÖÄK diploma Course for doctors


Opening of the second Scoliosis Therapy Center in Vienna´s 3rd district


Developement of the “4D Scoliosis Therapy Concept” in cooperation with Mag. Petra Habesohn and Mag. Jana Dubcova


Lecturer at the 2nd Speisinger Skoliosesymposium (international expert meeting with Prof. Rigo under the direction of OA D. Pospischill), March 2018 Relocation of the practice location from 1220 Vienna to 1060 Vienna.


Maternity leave


Lecturer at the “Scoliosis-Symposium” at the FH Joanneum, Graz


Lecturing at the “13th Bad Sobernheim Scoliosis Symposium”, Germany


Maternity leave


Official at the Federation of Austrian Physiotherapists, Physio Austria


Lecture at the scoliosis symposium in the orthopedic hospital Speising “The idiopathic scoliosis – treatment state of the art” with Professor Rigo


Head of the consortium scoliosis (working group scoliosis / since 2013 named as “scientific network scoliosis”) of the Professional Association of Physiotherapists Austria – Physio Austria


Teaching assignment at the FH for physiotherapy, FH-campus Vienna on the topic of scoliosis


Foundation of the scoliosis therapy center Vienna, management. Furthermore: Participation in the first certification of Austria for the RSC-Corset according to Prof. Rigo, Rosenheim (Germany)


Seminar leadership on ergonomics at the Academy of Continuing Education at the Vienna General Hospital


Lecture on behalf of the company KCI / topic “Ergonomics”

Since 2008

Exclusively freelance work / scoliosis treatments

Since 2006

Start of freelance work / specialization in scoliosis treatments


Teaching at the school for Allg. Health and Nursing at SMZ Ost


Teaching at the Academy of Physiotherapy, AKH Vienna


Studied pedagogy at the University of Vienna (focus: education and further education research / media education)


Full-time employment at SMZ Ost Wien / Traumatology and Sports Traumatology


Academy of Physiotherapy at the AKH Vienna


Study of Psychology at the University of Vienna (2 semesters)