You would like to find out about the syndrome of scoliosis and our treatment method or discuss your personal case?

Then you have the opportunity to come to a consultation with us. You do not need a prescription for a consultation.

Included in the counseling session is a complete physiotherapeutic finding with measurement of scoliosis levels. On the basis of this finding, the further procedure can be clarified.

Questions that are often in the room and should be clarified:

  • How strong is my scoliosis?
  • Do I have to do therapy?
  • Can the scoliosis be cured?
  • What treatment options are there?
  • Which sport is allowed and helpful?
  • What can I achieve with the therapy?
  • How does Schroth therapy work?
  • and much more

The consultation lasts 50 minutes and costs 85 euros. The invoice is tax deductible.