Basically, sports in scoliosis patients is always positive and helpful.

However, sport is not a substitute for a scoliosis-specific therapy, but at best an important supplement!

In sports, the entire cardiovascular system is trained, the lung volume increased, the muscles stimulated, the stamina improved and much more! All of these factors are absolutely important physical benefits for every person with scoliosis. Apart from that, sports are a lot of fun and motivating for most people!

The sports medical assessment of the appropriate sport depends on several factors: age of the person affected, severity of scoliosis and the social environment. In principle, we recommend sports that are symmetrical loads on the body in contrast to sports with one-sided loads.

  • For example: climbing, horse riding, dancing, cycling, aerobics, running, walking, cross-country skiing, inline skating, ice skating
  • As asymmetric and one-sided, however, applies for example: tennis, golf, badminton, javelin, sport bowling

Generally, however: better one-sided sports than no sport! An affected person who has been practicing a certain one-sided sport for a long time, who enjoys it a lot and who has already established a circle of friends within the framework of this sport activity, should not give up this hobby!

These patients are highly recommended to practice corrective exercises on a daily base.

As for the brace: During sports, the brace is filed, but the sport may be added to the brace wearing time!