The individual therapy allows not only a comprehensive physiotherapeutic diagnostics but also an individual adaptation of the therapeutic measures to each patient.

In the first unit of the individual therapy, a comprehensive physiotherapeutic finding of you / your child is first created, as the therapy is individually adapted. There is also room for your questions. As soon as the result is established, practical exercises are started.

The aim is to obtain as individual as possible the greatest possible erection of the spine. For this, corrective positions of the spine are worked out, combined with a special form of breathing. These must be consolidated and also transferred into everyday life to slow down or stop the progression of the curvature. In addition, freedom from movement and pain should be established in order to reduce possible negative secondary symptoms of scoliosis.

For the therapy please take the following things with you:

  • A towel
  • Comfortable gym clothes
  • For long hair: hair tie or hair clip
  • Female patients: a bra (or bikini top / top)


  • 65 EUR for 30 minutes
  • 90 EUR for 45 minutes
  • 115 EUR for 60 minutes

*Price of managment differs

Please get into contact with your insurance company to learn more about refund options.